Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thank you :]

thank you so much to everyone for your kind and supporting words on my last post, it really is comforting and i appreciate the sentiments very much :]

the first week of school is always easy peasy. its all syllabus talk and most of the time you get out of class early. its always exciting to see who else is taking the same classes, which teacher will become my favorite, and which class i'll end up falling asleep in the most. i'm learning very interesting things this quarter: animal behavior, the neurobiology of addictive drugs, human sexuality, and food science and folklore. The food science class is really interesting, we learned about why people cry when they cut unions, how barbecuing meat causes the formation of carcinogens, and that the gin and tonic was invented to get people to drink more tonic water because it helps prevent malaria. so far i'm really excited about my classes this quarter, we'll see how quickly that changes :]

so while i haven't had any assignments due or exams to study for, i've been indulging in a little scrapbooking. i did a couple new pages for emily falconbridge's 52Q challenge:
you can see more here. i also did a layout last night just for fun. a while back, a friend of ours dubbed the four of us "the felions" (pronounced fee-lie-uns), and since we had yet to find a cute nickname for our apartment, we had to go with the lion theme and name our humble home "the den."
it's so nice to have the freedom right now to scrap whenever i want, go to the gym when i feel like it, watch tv without feeling guilty, but that will all soon fade away as the quarter picks up and i have to start spending copious amounts of time at the library. better enjoy it while it lasts!


Mollie said...

Hi :) First time here... You took the thoughts and words right out of my mouth with your "If I could not fail" page for the 52Q challenge... I know that exact feeling and I think the same thing to myself all the time. :)

killerxkim said...

hey girl!
yes. happy april!
it's going good for me so far. had a supergreat day dancing and rolling on green grass in the sunshine.

that page about you and your boy gives me so much hope for next year. thank you! kxo