Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fever night.

i remember one night a few years back, the summer before i moved to davis, i was sitting on the side of my friend's hot tub. a bunch of us were there, having a last hoorah before we all went back to school in the fall. i was asking my friend andrew what his plans were now that he had graduated from uc santa barbara. he told me he was making a movie.

two years later and here we are, standing outside the new beverly cinema seeing fever night up on the marquee and all these people eagerly awaiting its premier. it was so surreal to be there, to see his dream unfold and turn into something so big. his accomplishments astound me, and we are all so proud of him.

and thanks to kim i was able to document the entire weekend as it happened. i made this book before i left and filled it in with notes and scraps from the trip. then last night i added the photos that were taken by travis and i over the weekend. i am so excited to share this, i can't even take it out of my purse yet, i just keep looking at it.
the end.

if you're interested in more info about fever night, click here :]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm going to share with you

my scrapbook.

i made this scrapbook for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary, which was July 18th. inspired by a project from elsie's first online class, i went through the past year of our lives together and picked out some of my favorite moments. most of the journaling (except the note on the last page) was from my actual journal from when we first started dating. it was so much fun to go back and re-live all those initial feelings of flutter. it's been a while since i completed an album this size, i felt quite accomplished when it was done.
this was an album i received as happy mail from the lovely ashley. it was the only 12x12 i had, and the original colors didn't quite go (after seeing elsie's woodgrain album i had my heart set on making one of my own) so i covered it with contact paper and masking tape.
this little embroidery took almost 2 hours to finish, it might just be the most detailed i've ever gotten. you can get the pattern here.
a little treasure map to sum up our past year of events.
this is one of my favorite pictures. we were at magic mountain and it was the end of the day. we're in sort of a blissful sleepyness. oh, and i have total roller-coaster-hair. ha!
a blurb from my journal, and a silly photo to accompany it.
some more journaling. and more silly photos, of course :]
this was from the whole earth festival, one of my favorite days of the year. monica just got a new camera and took sooo many cute pictures that day.
more random thoughts from my journals.
this was my note to him, on the last page. i also put in a bunch of layouts i had done of us earlier in the year for various projects, like this one, and this one, and oooh this one, this andddd this :]

the end :]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lazy cats.

apparently mine is not the only one.
a lazy cougar
a lazy cheetah
a lazy lion
a lazy tiger
my lazy kitty comes from a long line of lazy ancestors. our trip to six flags discovery kingdom last sunday was so much fun, but we couldn't help but notice all the sleepy kitties around. not that we were expecting them to do back flips or anything :]

there's a new challenge over at scrap outside the box.
this time it's shaina's pick, and she decided on coffee filters. you know you want to scrapbook your favorite caffeinated beverage and submit it to sotb this month :]

i was inspired by jamie's blog the other day to make a sort of fun to-do list. i really like how she chose a color and then photographed everything she could find that was that color. her pictures are so great :] so i didn't make a page or anything, but i thought that listing them out would be just as good. here's my to-do this week:
*finish reading pygmy
*take a photo of a sunset on the beach
*dress fancy for dinner friday night
*paint my toenails
*wear tiny braids in my hair

i also created my very first travel journal. taking kim's class was sooo helpful, i now feel prepared to take my craft on the road! next weekend i will be road-tripping to L.A. to see the premier of my friend's new movie! he's been working on it for two years and it's finally ready for the big screen. we are all so excited :] if you're into psychadelic thrillers, check it out :] here's the journal i'll be taking with me to document this amazing weekend.
oh, i did some new 52Qs! finally, right?
and now i'm off to the farmer's market (far-mar for short), have a lovely wednesday :]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

scratch and sniff stickers

make the best tattoos :]
what a wild fourth of july weekend. i had sooo much fun back at home with my friends, it was a much needed break from the daily grind. but it's a new week, and there are lots of new things going on in my life...

i have a new roommate!
when school was over my two roommates that roomed together moved out - adee went back to L.A. and chelsea is traveling south america (lucky girl). so they've been desperately trying to find a sublease. after many many attempts, we decided on an awesome guy named glen. so far so good, we're housing some of his friends as well for a few nights before they head back out on their road trip across america. it's been so refreshing to have some east-coasters over, they've been wonderful.

i finally finished my IDSS pages! it's very very exciting :]
excuse miss "can't be bothered to move." her tail makes a cameo in the corner of each picture.
i added some doodles to this one and i think i like it better now.
the stitching on this one took forever, but i love the way it turned out.
this is an old picture of me and my (very tan) dad, i have to ask my mom what year this was. i'm sure it's circa 1988.
i re-discovered color pencils doing these pages. i've fallen in love all over again.
these are the grand plans, with blank spaces to add things later.
i did this page about my roommate, monica. this is our last summer as roomies and we are taking every opportunity to make it the best it can be.
this will be my 23rd summer. i kept this page simple because i looove this photo (trying to not sound narcissistic), the color of my hair looks really vibrant here. i'm so happy with the finished product, the class was amazing and i'm so happy i got to be apart of it :]

also, i'm taking an amazing travel journal class with kim right now, she is brilliant. i've been so inspired lately, i wish there were more hours in the day to be able to catch up on the bazillion scrapbook projects i want to do.

i'm trying to catch up on my 52Qs (i was doing so good in the beginning, what happened?!), writing down my answers each week and hoping to put together my pages at some point. perhaps later on this week? there's just so much to do.

i finished reading catcher in the rye last week.
i liked it a lot more the second time around. i think i was just in a weird place in high school or something, because i had absolutely no interest in reading that book. maybe it was the language that turned me off. i don't know, but i ended up relating to it a lot more than i thought i would. that's two down, eight to go!

also, i'm working on a little something something for my upcoming anniversary! in less than two weeks daniel and i will be celebrating our one year anniversary. i can't believe how fast time has flown by. putting together this *thing* has been so great, and if i say too much more i will spoil it :]