Monday, October 19, 2009

the priebes.

so here is the little wedding album i made for my friends, kim and griffin priebe. enjoy :]
[click each image to see the larger versions]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

paper clips.

hola, just wanted to let you all know that there is a new challenge up over at scrap outside the box. this one is paper clips - everyone should do this challenge! you don't even have to come up with a new layout, if you've already got one uploaded somewhere, post the link here :]
hope all is well in blogland :]

Thursday, September 3, 2009


can we say MIA much? so much going on, life is nuts right now. also, i'm currently mooching off of my neighbor's wireless, and it's not always reliable, so bear with me.

1. i finally moved. it was THE craziest and most stressful move of my life. i had to move everything i own in such a short time, i am so happy it's all over. i'm now back in the bay area and it's such a great feeling. i've missed this place.

2. i got a new job! another huge weight off my shoulders. i was so scared about moving back without a job and figuring out how to pay my bills. this job could not have come at a more perfect time. i recently joined the fabulous team at the california spine center, where i juggle a million responsibilities that i'm still learning how to do correctly. but it's so much fun and i'm extremely happy to be here.

3. i spent last weekend in oregon for my friends wedding. it was beyond beautiful, i have never been up that way before and the scenery was so peaceful. the entire weekend was a blast.

kim and griffin met in their last year of college and have been living together for the past few years in oregon and work at a beautiful resort called sunriver. they have two amazing dogs, and are the cutest little family.
our friend jackie got certified online and performed the wedding ceremony. it was so perfect, she had the right amount of wit and compassion. she had us cracking up and needing the tissues.
it was so great to have our cabin crew back together again. now that we're all grown we've spread out all over california, it's so rare that we can all get together like this. i absolutely love these people.
congratulations griffin and kim, we love you!!

4. also, the lovely marissa marie blogged about my new etsy adds, what a sweetheart :]

alright kids, that's all for now. once i get settled [and unpacked... its been almost a week and my the majority of my belongings are still in boxes] i will be whipping up a cute little mini album for the newly weds.

miss you blog friends <3

Thursday, August 20, 2009

who wants to help send me to amsterdam?

a while back i mentioned that a few of my paintings are going to be featured in an art gallery in my friend's tattoo shop in amsterdam. i am so incredibly flattered that he asked me to contribute. his shop is called The Dark Arts and the opening is october 31st. his exact words were "i think your paintings will really brighten up the gallery." so needless to say, i'm excited. also, he used to be neighbors with some members of death cab for cutie (awesome, right?!) and they've agreed to play at the shop's opening. how cool is that?!

well... i've decided that it would be very silly for me to not be there for the opening. however, round trip airfare to amsterdam is quite expensive, and being the recent college grad that i am, i'm broke. so i'm selling most of the paintings that have been hanging up in my bedroom for the past two years (at reduced prices, too!) so this will hopefully bring in some extra cash so that i can afford my plane ticket AND free up some wall space that i'll have to fill up with new art.

so please please please, visit my etsy and help me get to amsterdam! i would be forever grateful :]

i'm off to the bay area to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. hope you all have lovely weekends and thank you so much for all your support, it means the world to me :]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

new sotb challenge :]

there's a new challenge up on the scrap outside the box blog. i got to pick the prompt this time, and i had to go with book pages. i've been using these in almost every layout (i think i'm addicted) since i got this little paper pack from red velvet art.
i love the selection of fun vintage papers, they're so colorful! i use them all the time :]

things have been a little crazy lately, with moving and trying to find a job, sometimes i freak out over it all. i added this to my favorites in flickr a while ago, and when searching for some inspiration i rediscovered this phrase, and felt that i need to take a few moments in my days to just breathe, and know that everything will be just fine.
go check out the new challenge and if you have anyyy layouts with book pages of any kind on them, post a link in our comments on the blog or upload them to our flickr group. the winner of this challenge will receive a copy of the first issue of scrap outside the box magazine :]

Monday, August 10, 2009

long summer days.

it's been a long week of hot days, and it's nice to finally sit back and take it all in. the weeks are going by in countdown mode, only three more left here in davis. i've slowly been moving my life from here back to the bay area, all while trying to have an amazing time while i'm still here. it's a rough balance. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't going to miss this place.

these are a few of my goals for this week:
update etsy (like, for real this time)
finish reading The Double Helix
transfer files to my new external hard drive
apply to more jobs
learn how to make granny squares (i'm thinking this will be a new project for when i move back)
spend as much time with monica as possible (she's leaving this weekend and that makes me really sad)

well that's really all i have for now. at the end of the week there will be a new scrap outside the box challenge (my choice!) so check back here. hope you all had a great monday :]

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the retrieval project

Linki just found this on rachel's blog and couldn't help but read the entire thing. basically, this cute little couple (and their four children) had to move back to the bay area from minnesota with only what could fit in their two cars. after moving two times in six months they can't afford the trip back to retrieve the rest of their belongings. so they started the retrieval project, where they are selling their [amazing] artwork in hopes of raising enough money to be able to retrieve the rest of their belongings.

to read their story, click here.

to see how it works, click here.

and to see how you can help, click here.

i think this is such a creative way to solve their problem, and i cannot wait to see what beautiful things they create. pleeeease check it out and spread the word :]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fever night.

i remember one night a few years back, the summer before i moved to davis, i was sitting on the side of my friend's hot tub. a bunch of us were there, having a last hoorah before we all went back to school in the fall. i was asking my friend andrew what his plans were now that he had graduated from uc santa barbara. he told me he was making a movie.

two years later and here we are, standing outside the new beverly cinema seeing fever night up on the marquee and all these people eagerly awaiting its premier. it was so surreal to be there, to see his dream unfold and turn into something so big. his accomplishments astound me, and we are all so proud of him.

and thanks to kim i was able to document the entire weekend as it happened. i made this book before i left and filled it in with notes and scraps from the trip. then last night i added the photos that were taken by travis and i over the weekend. i am so excited to share this, i can't even take it out of my purse yet, i just keep looking at it.
the end.

if you're interested in more info about fever night, click here :]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm going to share with you

my scrapbook.

i made this scrapbook for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary, which was July 18th. inspired by a project from elsie's first online class, i went through the past year of our lives together and picked out some of my favorite moments. most of the journaling (except the note on the last page) was from my actual journal from when we first started dating. it was so much fun to go back and re-live all those initial feelings of flutter. it's been a while since i completed an album this size, i felt quite accomplished when it was done.
this was an album i received as happy mail from the lovely ashley. it was the only 12x12 i had, and the original colors didn't quite go (after seeing elsie's woodgrain album i had my heart set on making one of my own) so i covered it with contact paper and masking tape.
this little embroidery took almost 2 hours to finish, it might just be the most detailed i've ever gotten. you can get the pattern here.
a little treasure map to sum up our past year of events.
this is one of my favorite pictures. we were at magic mountain and it was the end of the day. we're in sort of a blissful sleepyness. oh, and i have total roller-coaster-hair. ha!
a blurb from my journal, and a silly photo to accompany it.
some more journaling. and more silly photos, of course :]
this was from the whole earth festival, one of my favorite days of the year. monica just got a new camera and took sooo many cute pictures that day.
more random thoughts from my journals.
this was my note to him, on the last page. i also put in a bunch of layouts i had done of us earlier in the year for various projects, like this one, and this one, and oooh this one, this andddd this :]

the end :]