Thursday, April 23, 2009

the fruits of my labor

yesterday morning i was very shocked to see what looked like a lecture about to take place in a classroom i was supposed to be taking an exam in. my eyes did not deceive me, our exam was in fact postponed until next wednesday. it's a bittersweet feeling; while i certainly could use another week to memorize those teeny regions of the brain and which receptors are found where, i also have another midterm next week which i had planned on devoting my time to. not only that, but this weekend i will be in LA and probably will not be getting much studying done. i sure hope i can handle both next week.

even though i didn't take my exam, i was still determined to have a victorious night of creating. and i got sooo much done! i'm extremely happy with the pages i made. i stuck to one project, because i'm trying to get out of the habit of starting something, leaving half way though, and beginning something new. so i caught up (for the most part) on my 52Q challenge. i'm really enjoying these questions, and i'm so proud of my pages. my notebook is already starting to bulk up, it's hard to refrain from using thick papers like basicgrey, they're just so pretty! so here's what i did last night, questions 10 though 15 (i don't have a picture for 15 yet, i added quite a lot of glitter to it and i have to figure out how to photograph it). enjoy :]

5 movies that inspire me creatively:
1. the life aquatic (my favorite is the scene where they take a tour of the boat).
2. the nightmare before christmas
3. moulin rouge (looove the costumes)
4. now and then (forever a favorite)
5. romeo + juliet

what keeps me awake at night:

what i'm grateful for right now:

my best hair experience:
yes, my hair used to be longlonglong! it feels like forever since it's been long, but most of my life i had hair that came right down to the small of my back. i needed a change, and so i told my hairdresser to just get rid of it. he was so excited for my new look, and i fell in love with short hair. it's a lot easier to experiment with, and i have definitely taken full advantage of that. three years later, i find myself missing those long locks. i'm considering growing it out again.

the last good book i read:
daniel asked me to read this one and i couldn't believe how much i ended up liking it. i took one look and said, "you want me to read a comic book?!" oh no, this was a "graphic novel." but the statement holds true, never judge a book by its cover. i had so much fun reading this book, it was a lot deeper than i initially gave it credit for and i'm very happy i got to read it before the movie came out.

that's it! until next time... :]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

one more day

i just have to get through one more day and then i get a mini break from midterms (mini pretty much means tomorrow night). i have a midterm tomorrow afternoon and the minute i get home from work that evening i am busting out my pattern papers and making something! i have so much i want to do...

1. this amazing post by kim has had my head buzzing for days!

2. i am so behind on my 52Q challenge, it's truly upsetting.
the last one i did was week 9.
its now week 16 :[

3. elsie's new scrapbook inspires me to no end.

4. i really want to make a layout for the new creative type challenge.
i love the quote jen used.
chuck palahnuik is awesome.

5. i want to make this book.
elaine posted this on the Scrap Outside The Box blog for our newest challenge. check it out, the layouts and examples are so inspiring!

i'm pretty sure i could keep naming things i want to do but don't have enough time for, but i'll stop here before i get my hopes up too high. this weekend i'm going to magic mountain with my family and i couldn't be more excited. perhaps i will take a cute little kim-inspired journal with me to share with you when i return :]

Friday, April 17, 2009

ohhh the weekend

it's finally friday, i thought this day would never come! i had two midterms this week, one was super easy and one was pretty okay. i'm giving myself the weekend off because come monday i'm going to be doing it all over again with my other classes. and what a weekend it's going to be!

tomorrow is picnic day, and we'll be celebrating the 95th anniversary of this wonderful day here in davis.
it's an all day event with lots of going on, including the doxie derby (wiener dog races!), the laser maze (a maze of lasers!) and the snow hill (that's right, a hill made of snow!).
there's also a parade downtown and live music on campus all day, food and shops set up, and tonsss of fun exhibits.
the chemistry department is putting on a magic show and in true aggie fashion they're having a contest to see who can milk a cow the fastest.
there is so much to do, it's a guaranteed good time. i can't wait!

then on sunday the boy and i are driving to santa cruz for my faaaavorite hip/hop group atmosphere. i'm so excited, it's been almost a year since i've seen them and it's seriously the best time ever, their performances are always amazing.
plus, we're going a bit early to spend some time on the boardwalk. it'll be nice and sunny, perfect day for the beach :]
and i finally finished my scribble project. it took forever mainly because i'm a huge perfectionist and wanted it to be "just right" before i went over in it sharpie (well that gives away my truth and my lie... haha). it was a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to doing more!
it's going to be a warm weekend, high on saturday is 85 and on sunday it'll be 90! perfect weather for a perfect weekend before i have to go back to the daily grind on monday.

what are you plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


there's a new challenge up over at Scrap Outside the Box - envelopes! this was great because a week prior to finding out the prompt i was looking through and reminiscing over all my orientation materials from when i got accepted to davis. of course i saved everything and it was nice to finally do something with it. i had no idea i'd ever be scrapbooking the envelope my acceptance letter came in! i love the way it turned out:
Linkthe picture is of me on orientation day in front of the life sciences building. this is where i go to talk to my advisers, to make sure i'm on track for graduation. these last few years have been an incredible experience, and i'm so happy i got to document the start of it all.

speaking of graduation, my oh my it is rapidly getting closer and closer. two months from now i'll have a bachelor's degree in biological sciences. so much has been building up to this moment, it's exciting and terrifying all at the same time, but more on that later, i've got to get to class!

don't forget to check out SOTB, this really was a great challenge and i encourage everyone to take a try at it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy sunday!

i knew it was too good to last, somehow all of my free time has vanished and now i find myself studying on easter sunday. school is starting to pick up, i've already got two midterms this week and two midterms the following week. it's fun though, i'm really enjoying these classes. in animal behavior i read a really interesting article about the evolution of domesticated animals. scientists in russia did an experiment where they domesticated wolves in the same fashion they believe dogs were. could you imagine, little friendly wolves as pets!
last weekend was my roommate monica's 22nd birthday. we had a barbecue at our apartment sunday and a bunch of our friends came over to eat and play games. it was a beautiful day and everyone welcomed the nice warm sun.
my brother also came up to visit me that weekend. it was so fun getting to spend time with him, i miss him a lot. he's getting ready to graduate from high school, move out to san francisco and start his college years at SF state. i'm so proud of him :]
last week wasn't all fun, monday i came down with a fever of 101.6! it was the first time i had stayed home from school in about 5 years. it was a truly awful couple of days, but i'm feeling much better now. still have a slight cough but it's way better than the fever.

so now i'm at my parents house, about to get some studying in before my relatives come over for easter dinner. hope everyone is having a lovely sunday. i promise to post fun stuff tomorrow, i've been working on a little something in my spare time :]
happy sunday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thank you :]

thank you so much to everyone for your kind and supporting words on my last post, it really is comforting and i appreciate the sentiments very much :]

the first week of school is always easy peasy. its all syllabus talk and most of the time you get out of class early. its always exciting to see who else is taking the same classes, which teacher will become my favorite, and which class i'll end up falling asleep in the most. i'm learning very interesting things this quarter: animal behavior, the neurobiology of addictive drugs, human sexuality, and food science and folklore. The food science class is really interesting, we learned about why people cry when they cut unions, how barbecuing meat causes the formation of carcinogens, and that the gin and tonic was invented to get people to drink more tonic water because it helps prevent malaria. so far i'm really excited about my classes this quarter, we'll see how quickly that changes :]

so while i haven't had any assignments due or exams to study for, i've been indulging in a little scrapbooking. i did a couple new pages for emily falconbridge's 52Q challenge:
you can see more here. i also did a layout last night just for fun. a while back, a friend of ours dubbed the four of us "the felions" (pronounced fee-lie-uns), and since we had yet to find a cute nickname for our apartment, we had to go with the lion theme and name our humble home "the den."
it's so nice to have the freedom right now to scrap whenever i want, go to the gym when i feel like it, watch tv without feeling guilty, but that will all soon fade away as the quarter picks up and i have to start spending copious amounts of time at the library. better enjoy it while it lasts!