Monday, March 17, 2008

let me make believe.

i suck at studying. biting my nails on the other hand, well, i'm a pro.

i have my physics final tomorrow and i just can't bring myself to study yet. procrastination is my middle name; mallory p. phillipy. i'll get there. i really want to fast forward through this week, but who really likes taking finals anyway? saturday afternoon i have my last final [apparently weekends are no longer sacred in college] and as soon as i'm done i'm getting in that cute little car of mine and flooring it all the way to santa cruz. the beach house will be a long awaited escape, who knows what's going to happen but i'm leaving my expectations open.

it's been two long months, i wonder just how much things have changed. a lot can happen in two months; you can fall in love and get your heart broken in that amount of time. maybe something, maybe nothing. i haven't forgotten my feelings, it's hard to forget something so well documented; so accessible. something that was once a big part of my life now reverts back to insignificance. but that's how it has to be, right?

what doesn't kill me make me strong
drives you far from me
i am down, please don't go
take me when you leave.

let me make believe.
-Jeremy Larson

Thursday, March 6, 2008

a constant escape.

the magnificent restraint that it takes
to stay away. i've no control at all.
i constantly dream,
the memories invade the things i keep with me
i'm getting high on the roof of the world.
-Crime in Stereo.

i am so excited for the amazing array of shows coming up in the next few months.

March 7, 2008
Crime in Stereo
with Comeback Kid and Killing the Dream.
i just got their most recent CD ' Dead' and i can't stop listening to it. it's exactly what i need right now, and i am so stoked for tomorrow's show.

March 30, 2008
Saves The Day
i've been raving about this band for the past couple of weeks, ever since monica made me remember how awesome they are. this band perfectly captures my high school memories. i was obsessed (and for good reason) and i can't wait to see them again. i have not heard the new CD, but it's at the top of my to-do list.

April 21, 2008
Tegan and Sara
this album has been in my ipod rotation for months; i have yet to get sick of it. they are coming to davis, practically in my backyard (ok, so i don't have a backyard, but if i did, it would be just as close!). i cannot wait for this huge chick-fest.

April 22, 2008
Death Cab For Cutie
that's right, the very next night after tegan and sara, death cab will also be in davis! this is practically a dream, i have been dying to see death cab forever, let alone be able to walk to the venue. renee, you better be coming with me!

honorable mention:
this Chicago based band came to visit berkeley a few weeks ago and i've been listening to the CD ever since (thanks little brother :] ) They were featured in Rolling Stone as an up-and-coming band to watch out for, so do yourself a favor and check them out.

Alright, i'm off for now, to go bathe in more musical magic.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

how come i end up where i started?

how come i end up where i went wrong?
won't take my eyes off the ball again
you reel me out then you cut the string.

if you don't already have In Rainbows by Radiohead, get it.

i'm feeling colors right now, and after midterms i was inspired by a friend's artistry to create this:
thanks for the idea kimmie :]
my walls are so colorful.