Sunday, November 27, 2011

master batters.

i miss these times.
getting to hang out with my friends every week. messing around and playing softball. it was nice to have a reason to get together more often. nice to get outside. get our clothes dirty. our team was, by far, the worst team in our league. maybe the worst team ever. we never won a single game, but in the process of becoming better players, we had the most fun at practices just hanging out, making fun of each other, and helping each other improve. the best of the master batters doesn't recap our greatest victories [mostly because we didn't have any] but it showcases the amazing people that we are, the courage we had to try something new, and how awesome we looked. we were, without a doubt, the best looking team of the field. our greatest achievement as a team was simply strengthening the bonds that have held us together for so many years. when we look back on this experience, we won't see all the losses we had, only those silly smiles on our faces.

The Very Best Of The Master Batters
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