Monday, February 28, 2011

guess what.

that's right. i'm blogging.

gone are the days where i sit and complain about not blogging.

this week, i will blog. every. single. day.

over the weekend, my awesome scrap rat friends kari, renee and i made a commitment to blog every day of this week. we came up with prompts, as i so lovingly wrote out for us all, and today it looks like i'm supposed to recap the weekend.

friday night is pretty happening for people my age. i spent friday night painting my nails and was in bed by 9:30p. lame, right? well, i did have to wake up at 4:00a the next morning, so i didn't hold it against myself.

saturday i attended a front office retreat for spine and sports medicine. did i mention it was in san diego? we flew out at 6:00a saturday morning, made it to the retreat by 9:30a, had a wonderful time with the front office staff of s&s, killed some time at an indian casino, then caught an early flight home at 6:45p. topped the night off with a drive-by in-n-out stop near the oakland airport andddd i passed out the minute i got home.

sunday, however, was super fun. it was kari's birthday and of course we commemorated it with an all day scrap sesh. we made some awesome new layouts, played with kari's new instax, and watched the oscars. i've been working on my new york album, here's one of my favorite new layouts:

well, get ready people, i've got a whole week of blogging coming up.
[i'll try to make it good]