Friday, April 17, 2009

ohhh the weekend

it's finally friday, i thought this day would never come! i had two midterms this week, one was super easy and one was pretty okay. i'm giving myself the weekend off because come monday i'm going to be doing it all over again with my other classes. and what a weekend it's going to be!

tomorrow is picnic day, and we'll be celebrating the 95th anniversary of this wonderful day here in davis.
it's an all day event with lots of going on, including the doxie derby (wiener dog races!), the laser maze (a maze of lasers!) and the snow hill (that's right, a hill made of snow!).
there's also a parade downtown and live music on campus all day, food and shops set up, and tonsss of fun exhibits.
the chemistry department is putting on a magic show and in true aggie fashion they're having a contest to see who can milk a cow the fastest.
there is so much to do, it's a guaranteed good time. i can't wait!

then on sunday the boy and i are driving to santa cruz for my faaaavorite hip/hop group atmosphere. i'm so excited, it's been almost a year since i've seen them and it's seriously the best time ever, their performances are always amazing.
plus, we're going a bit early to spend some time on the boardwalk. it'll be nice and sunny, perfect day for the beach :]
and i finally finished my scribble project. it took forever mainly because i'm a huge perfectionist and wanted it to be "just right" before i went over in it sharpie (well that gives away my truth and my lie... haha). it was a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to doing more!
it's going to be a warm weekend, high on saturday is 85 and on sunday it'll be 90! perfect weather for a perfect weekend before i have to go back to the daily grind on monday.

what are you plans for the weekend?


Jamie said...

That looks sooo fun!!!
Looove your scribble project page!! Looks perfect!! ;)

SteveFranklin said...

This was the best weekend ever, and we didn't even get to do most of this stuff. Your scribble page is awesome, bee tee dubs.