Friday, February 27, 2009

where did february go?

it feels like this month happened so fast! i've been a horrible blogger, i promise to be better in march. until then, just a few happy notes.

i started getting back into scrapbooking a few weeks ago, but had to put it on hold recently because of school. well i just finished midterms and i'm scrapping this sunday. it's kari's birthday, and i'm taking a trip down to berkeley for some much needed scrap time with the girls. i'm really excited, i just hope i can be productive (we tend to do more chatting than scrapping). i'll definitely have more pretties to share next week.

as if scrapbooking itself wasn't exciting enough, i've just gone and joined a design team! my very first one, it's a new challenge blog called Scrap Outside The Box. every month we create layouts using common household items, it's a really great challenge! check it out, i've got a sweet bio up right now and my first challenge will be posted march 15th. exciting!

Friday, February 13, 2009


so lately i've been busy playing catch up with a bunch of different projects. one being a revamp of my blog :]
i am finally all caught up on my 52Qs
you can see the rest here.
i am also catching up on valentines day preparations! it's been a long time since i've gotten excited about this holiday, so i'm having so much fun. i made a fun little garland, one of the projects from elsie's first class. and i found this cute little DIY valentine's day kit and thought it was perfect idea for a low-key saturday.
i received my lovely book bag from the wonderful miss leigh-ann as well. it's absolutely perfect, she is so talented :]

and i'm trying desperately to finish reading watchmen because the commercials for the movie are going to spoil the ending for me. it comes out the weekend of my little brother's state wrestling tournament, so hopefully after a victorious day we can take him out to see it :]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i really should clean under my fingernails.

here are the latest of my drawings for my art class. i think my self portraits are starting to look more like me?
this was an in class assignment, we had to cover the entire paper black and then erase to get the details. it was quite a challenge.
my second self portrait. getting better...
another in class assignment, working with cloth.
my third self portrait. i need to work on my shading so it doesn't look so flat!

tomorrow i'm going to try and post my 52Qs journal pages, they've been so much fun to do. i'm really proud of them, i can't wait to share :]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

finally, a break!

today i handed in my last assignment for the whole week, so i am taking this opportunity to invest in some "me" time. tonight i'm catching up on some much needed journaling and watching my guilty pleasure shows. tomorrow i'm starting my 52 Q's challenge (only four weeks late). and i have lots of new drawings to post from art class. this week is going to be so fun!

and i should be getting this any day now:
leigh-ann is so cute, she truly does brighten my days.

and this kid will forever be my hero.
i am so proud of him.