Sunday, June 29, 2008

i wanted to tell you

but you never listened.
you never understand.
the lights are on but nobody's home.
Morning Bell by Radiohead

well so much for posting every day this week! oops. i missed a day of painting on thursday, so i only came out of this week with six paintings, but i still think it was very successful. definitely a hard challenge, i'm so glad i did it. here is the rest of what i mustered up this week.
this one of for the lovely daniela. i've been promising her for months that i would paint her something, and i'm not sure if i'm 100% done yet, but how could it have been anything but owls?
i've been wanting to paint an octopus for quite some time now, i think he's awesome.
i fell in love with my New Found Glory houses, so i thought i'd give them their own space. plus i really love this line [forget about your house of cards, and i'll do mine] and i'm stoked i got to use it.
and this one i did for my friend brett, who was the start of my radiohead crazed madness. it's a line from the song Morning Bell [i wanted to tell you but you never listened. you never understand. the lights are on but nobody's home]

and now i think i need a break from painting. perhaps this week i'll do some scrapbooking instead. ohhh free time is bliss.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

for a minute there

i lost myself.
i lost myself.
for a minute there,
i lost myself.
i lost myself.
Karma Police by Radiohead
i didn't have time to post last night (this may be a recurring theme) but here's what i decided to do for day two of painting painting painting.
in other news, what an exciting day. i had a little orientation thingy at my NEW JOB and it was so much fun. i got a tour of the office, i met most of the people i'll be working with and the girl that has my job now who's graduating, and i'm going back later mingle at an ice cream social. i even get my own cubicle, which i'm way stoked to start decorating. i have a feeling this is going to be a really fun job. yay for new beginnings! and later the girls and i are hitting up the farmers market. then, more painting!
life is good.

Monday, June 23, 2008

i was kidnapped real young

by the sweet taste of love
built a fondness for things that
just weren't good enough.
Rainbows in the Dark by Tilly and the Wall

i've decided to challenge myself this week. everyday for seven days i'm going to paint something different. i've got the time, now i want to utilize it. today i made a huge dent in what is probably my most favorite painting i've ever done. it's inspired by all my favorite musical artist's album art. i'm not finished yet, but i'm so proud of it so far.
the sun is from a Ted Leo + The Pharmacists album, the trees inspired by The Shins, the hills are my interpretation of the Hail to the Thief album by Radiohead, the bunnies from a Sufjan Stevens album.
i especially love the clouds raining paint colors, inspired by an album by Boys Like Girls.
the little birdie inspired by Saves The Day's album In Reverie.
and i love love love my New Found Glory houses. this has been such a fun project for me, i can't wait to finish it.

here's a painting i did during finals week, it needed to be done. and you'll never guess who's lyrics inspired this one.
it's a 6x12 inch canvas, thought i'd try a random size for once.

alright well i must be off, i just got back to davis and the girls and i have a lot to catch up on. stay tuned, i'm posting all week long!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

get enough love, got enough friends

but on a regular basis, it's safe to say i've got the bends
and i didn't mean to ignore that vibe you sent
i guess my mind was probably on my rent.
Give Me by Atmosphere

what a crazy couple of weeks. here's what's been going on while i haven't been posting...

i finished my first year at UC Davis! i can not believe how fast it's gone by. what an amazing experience. i made new friends, rediscovered old ones, lived away from home for the first time, took some awesome classes (and some not-so-awesome ones) and had so much fun the entire way through. i can't wait to see what next year will bring.

so now i'm back at home for a little while, helping out my favorite girls at My Daughter's Wish, and scrapbooking for the first time since christmas! it feels so good, i can't wait to share my first finished product! we cropped the other night down at the store and it's just so wonderful being amongst all these talented women again, i've missed them all so much.

i started reading this book Snuff by Chuck Palahnuik, my all-time favorite author. It's his newest one, and hopefully the first of many books i hope to read this summer. i miss reading books that i want to read, this year has been nothing but text books. anyone have any good suggestions?

also, some super-exciting news that i JUST received, i have a job! i'll be working for IET Communications Resources, which is located on campus (five minutes away from my apartment in davis) doing some fun web design work. i'm so excited for this job, gotta love a new challenge.

so my first week off of school has been amazing. i've gotten to scrapbook with the lovely ladies of MDW, hang out with the crew for Thirsty Thursdays at reid's house, enjoy some very-needed time with my dad, went to the beach with sara, and indulge in some me-time. but i do miss my girls back in davis, can't wait to see you :]