Thursday, April 23, 2009

the fruits of my labor

yesterday morning i was very shocked to see what looked like a lecture about to take place in a classroom i was supposed to be taking an exam in. my eyes did not deceive me, our exam was in fact postponed until next wednesday. it's a bittersweet feeling; while i certainly could use another week to memorize those teeny regions of the brain and which receptors are found where, i also have another midterm next week which i had planned on devoting my time to. not only that, but this weekend i will be in LA and probably will not be getting much studying done. i sure hope i can handle both next week.

even though i didn't take my exam, i was still determined to have a victorious night of creating. and i got sooo much done! i'm extremely happy with the pages i made. i stuck to one project, because i'm trying to get out of the habit of starting something, leaving half way though, and beginning something new. so i caught up (for the most part) on my 52Q challenge. i'm really enjoying these questions, and i'm so proud of my pages. my notebook is already starting to bulk up, it's hard to refrain from using thick papers like basicgrey, they're just so pretty! so here's what i did last night, questions 10 though 15 (i don't have a picture for 15 yet, i added quite a lot of glitter to it and i have to figure out how to photograph it). enjoy :]

5 movies that inspire me creatively:
1. the life aquatic (my favorite is the scene where they take a tour of the boat).
2. the nightmare before christmas
3. moulin rouge (looove the costumes)
4. now and then (forever a favorite)
5. romeo + juliet

what keeps me awake at night:

what i'm grateful for right now:

my best hair experience:
yes, my hair used to be longlonglong! it feels like forever since it's been long, but most of my life i had hair that came right down to the small of my back. i needed a change, and so i told my hairdresser to just get rid of it. he was so excited for my new look, and i fell in love with short hair. it's a lot easier to experiment with, and i have definitely taken full advantage of that. three years later, i find myself missing those long locks. i'm considering growing it out again.

the last good book i read:
daniel asked me to read this one and i couldn't believe how much i ended up liking it. i took one look and said, "you want me to read a comic book?!" oh no, this was a "graphic novel." but the statement holds true, never judge a book by its cover. i had so much fun reading this book, it was a lot deeper than i initially gave it credit for and i'm very happy i got to read it before the movie came out.

that's it! until next time... :]


SteveFranklin said...

Your 52 answers keep getting better and better. Awesome work, sweetheart.

shaina said...

your pages are so awesome!! i love when you post new ones. :) very creative and a fun way to get to know you better!
good luck with all your finals!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! so inspirational! :)

i love that idea, and i just might have to do that! :) it's a great way to just document life.

how's davis for you?! i kinda miss being there. it's a small town that can be boring at times, but it's still lots of fun. hope your tests go well!

also, i'm doing a RAK giveaway on my blog. just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to play along!


photography4me said...

Where did you find this challenge at? I'd live to try it.

amytangerine said...

wow, these pages are AMAZING