Thursday, September 17, 2009

paper clips.

hola, just wanted to let you all know that there is a new challenge up over at scrap outside the box. this one is paper clips - everyone should do this challenge! you don't even have to come up with a new layout, if you've already got one uploaded somewhere, post the link here :]
hope all is well in blogland :]

Thursday, September 3, 2009


can we say MIA much? so much going on, life is nuts right now. also, i'm currently mooching off of my neighbor's wireless, and it's not always reliable, so bear with me.

1. i finally moved. it was THE craziest and most stressful move of my life. i had to move everything i own in such a short time, i am so happy it's all over. i'm now back in the bay area and it's such a great feeling. i've missed this place.

2. i got a new job! another huge weight off my shoulders. i was so scared about moving back without a job and figuring out how to pay my bills. this job could not have come at a more perfect time. i recently joined the fabulous team at the california spine center, where i juggle a million responsibilities that i'm still learning how to do correctly. but it's so much fun and i'm extremely happy to be here.

3. i spent last weekend in oregon for my friends wedding. it was beyond beautiful, i have never been up that way before and the scenery was so peaceful. the entire weekend was a blast.

kim and griffin met in their last year of college and have been living together for the past few years in oregon and work at a beautiful resort called sunriver. they have two amazing dogs, and are the cutest little family.
our friend jackie got certified online and performed the wedding ceremony. it was so perfect, she had the right amount of wit and compassion. she had us cracking up and needing the tissues.
it was so great to have our cabin crew back together again. now that we're all grown we've spread out all over california, it's so rare that we can all get together like this. i absolutely love these people.
congratulations griffin and kim, we love you!!

4. also, the lovely marissa marie blogged about my new etsy adds, what a sweetheart :]

alright kids, that's all for now. once i get settled [and unpacked... its been almost a week and my the majority of my belongings are still in boxes] i will be whipping up a cute little mini album for the newly weds.

miss you blog friends <3