Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy sunday!

i knew it was too good to last, somehow all of my free time has vanished and now i find myself studying on easter sunday. school is starting to pick up, i've already got two midterms this week and two midterms the following week. it's fun though, i'm really enjoying these classes. in animal behavior i read a really interesting article about the evolution of domesticated animals. scientists in russia did an experiment where they domesticated wolves in the same fashion they believe dogs were. could you imagine, little friendly wolves as pets!
last weekend was my roommate monica's 22nd birthday. we had a barbecue at our apartment sunday and a bunch of our friends came over to eat and play games. it was a beautiful day and everyone welcomed the nice warm sun.
my brother also came up to visit me that weekend. it was so fun getting to spend time with him, i miss him a lot. he's getting ready to graduate from high school, move out to san francisco and start his college years at SF state. i'm so proud of him :]
last week wasn't all fun, monday i came down with a fever of 101.6! it was the first time i had stayed home from school in about 5 years. it was a truly awful couple of days, but i'm feeling much better now. still have a slight cough but it's way better than the fever.

so now i'm at my parents house, about to get some studying in before my relatives come over for easter dinner. hope everyone is having a lovely sunday. i promise to post fun stuff tomorrow, i've been working on a little something in my spare time :]
happy sunday!

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killerxkim said...

the 'ah- study quick' thing.
exams are creeping up so fast. i swear i had months to prepare. nope. two weeks.
hope your easter managed to be less stressful than revision!

and thank you for your comment on my blog. taking the time to type all of that means a lot to me. mixing it up is great- i love being able to do so much and so differently, but thinking about having to choose just ONE aspect to do a degree in (dont even get me started on careers...)seems so overwhelming. hopefully this next year my squiggly-lined-thoughts will straighten out just a little bit so i can decide.

big love MDW girlllll.
(haha, you'll always be that to me. smiles!)