Monday, May 4, 2009

case of the mondays

i have been such a bad blogger. i'll try to get my act together this week.

coming back from magic mountain was hard, mainly because i was immersed in an intense week of studying. three finals in two days is unkind. we had so much fun that weekend, i took a million pictures and it's taken me an entire week to get enough free time to post them. here are some of my favorites.
my brother dylan and his best friend sean
me and my mistermy cute parents
daffybatmani wasn't really scaredmy brother david
cameras on roller coasters are awesomedylan :]i'm excited to use this last one for one of my 52Q's - what's your superpower? it's perfect :]

this weekend was nice, i feel like i've been all over the place, traveling to santa cruz and valencia in two consecutive weekends, it was nice to stay put in davis and relax. i created a layout for the hambly + two peas contest, which proved very difficult because i had very little hambly to work with and the closest store that carries hambly is about 60 miles away. nevertheless, i managed to make it happen.
and now i'm working on another layout, it's not quite done, i have momentary scrapper's block and its the worst. i have a 10-page paper due on wednesday that i haven't started on (did i mention my middle name was procrastinator?), so it's hard to focus on anything else right now with that lingering over my head.

april was definitely not as great as i wanted it to be, but now it's may and this month i have to get my life together. i'm graduating soon, a lot of things are changing, and this past month i've really let it get me down. this month i'm going to stop avoiding these changes and start embracing them. i need to deal with the thoughts looming in my head instead of pushing them aside because it seems easier. i need to confront my feelings instead of hiding from them. i want to stop being afraid. those are my resolutions for the new month, and it already feels better to say those things.

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SteveFranklin said...

april was intense... but may will definitely be better. i'm so proud of you and your ability to not let worries and cares overtake your life. you're amazing and i love you.