Friday, May 15, 2009

TP for my... what now?

ahh yes, it's that time again. there's a new challenge up on scrap outside the box :]

sarah picked this one, it's definitely out there haha. the challenge is to use toilet paper somewhere on your layout. i have to admit, this made me giggle like a five-year-old. after getting over my immaturity i figured out my attack plan. i just so happened to have a lovely picture (and even lovelier story) of my roommate monica with a toilet seat around her neck. perrrrfect.
love you moni :]
there's just something about scrapbooking with toilet paper that makes everything else seem incredibly do-able. give it a try, you could win an awesome prize from mollie over at the jelly bean joint :]

only one more week until houseboats! now if only i could focus on this week's midterms...


Miss Wanderlust said...

oh your work is always soooooo inspiring :) Keep posting pictures girl!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics to go along with the challenge, girl! so cute! MHM!

<3 B

Kara said...

haha! this is so great.