Friday, May 29, 2009

bad blogger

yes, it's true, i've been too busy to blog. it's sad. i'll do my best to catch up on these past two weeks.

i spent a beautiful memorial day weekend on lake shasta with some close friends and family on the annual houseboats trip. much better than last year (when it rained the entire time). the weather was lovely and my roommates and i got our own boat which was so great. last year we all went on separate boats, and while it was fun, this year was that much better because we got to hang out with each other more. i'm going to miss these girls so much. they've become my new best friends over the past few years and it's going to suck not getting to live with them anymore.
i'm currently reading Beautiful Boy for my Neurobiology of Addictive Drugs class. it's one thing to sit in lecture each week and learn all about how various drugs effect the brain and the body, but in reading this book i discovered how drugs affect the people who care for those that become addicts. Beautiful Boy is a story about David Sheff's journey in dealing with his son's meth addiction. its beautifully written, and i think anyone can relate in some way to this book, whether you know someone who is an addict or you are a parent that just wants the best for your child. the book is written completely from the father's perspective of his son Nic's addiction, and Nic goes on to write his own book Tweak, which i'm hoping to read once i finish Beautiful Boy.
i finished this embroidery pattern a while ago, and have been working on some more. its a really calming activity, hopefully this summer i can spend some more time doing it.
i'm graduating in two weeks. two weeks? as in fourteen days? that's freaking me out.

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SteveFranklin said...

I have a feeling your blogging skills will get better when you have less to worry about and more time to spend creating, scrapping, and getting your adorable sweetness all over the internet. Exciting times! Less than two weeks!