Friday, May 30, 2008

a steady diet of punk rock, alcohol and friends

next time i come around
i'm bringing souvenirs
cause it's pretty clear
it's not enough just to write it down.
-Crime in Stereo

so here are some pictures from the epic weekend known as houseboats. crazy times!


nan said...

oh, mally pants......i feel a crop comin' on. gotta crop that picture of the mustache. i love living the college life through you. now, be a good girl and come home for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love ya's,

Mallory Phillipy said...

i'm coming home wednesday and i'll be working at MDW for two weeks, so i better see your cute little face, ok?!

ps- i have sooo much to do, crops will be mandatory. can't wait to see everyone :]