Saturday, August 1, 2009

the retrieval project

Linki just found this on rachel's blog and couldn't help but read the entire thing. basically, this cute little couple (and their four children) had to move back to the bay area from minnesota with only what could fit in their two cars. after moving two times in six months they can't afford the trip back to retrieve the rest of their belongings. so they started the retrieval project, where they are selling their [amazing] artwork in hopes of raising enough money to be able to retrieve the rest of their belongings.

to read their story, click here.

to see how it works, click here.

and to see how you can help, click here.

i think this is such a creative way to solve their problem, and i cannot wait to see what beautiful things they create. pleeeease check it out and spread the word :]


RachelDenbow said...

Thanks for sharing this on your blog. The more the better!

Bekah said...

oh wow! This is so cool. :]