Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm going to share with you

my scrapbook.

i made this scrapbook for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary, which was July 18th. inspired by a project from elsie's first online class, i went through the past year of our lives together and picked out some of my favorite moments. most of the journaling (except the note on the last page) was from my actual journal from when we first started dating. it was so much fun to go back and re-live all those initial feelings of flutter. it's been a while since i completed an album this size, i felt quite accomplished when it was done.
this was an album i received as happy mail from the lovely ashley. it was the only 12x12 i had, and the original colors didn't quite go (after seeing elsie's woodgrain album i had my heart set on making one of my own) so i covered it with contact paper and masking tape.
this little embroidery took almost 2 hours to finish, it might just be the most detailed i've ever gotten. you can get the pattern here.
a little treasure map to sum up our past year of events.
this is one of my favorite pictures. we were at magic mountain and it was the end of the day. we're in sort of a blissful sleepyness. oh, and i have total roller-coaster-hair. ha!
a blurb from my journal, and a silly photo to accompany it.
some more journaling. and more silly photos, of course :]
this was from the whole earth festival, one of my favorite days of the year. monica just got a new camera and took sooo many cute pictures that day.
more random thoughts from my journals.
this was my note to him, on the last page. i also put in a bunch of layouts i had done of us earlier in the year for various projects, like this one, and this one, and oooh this one, this andddd this :]

the end :]


sarah said...

i totally love this! it's so cute!!! :)

...and i WANT your handwriting. mind if you share it with me?! haha!


Jamie said...

I absolutely love this! Every time I see something you've created, I am sooooo inspired. You just have a beautiful talent! It's soooo great!!! I hope he loves it too!!! And I love how you made the cover!!! xoxo

shaina said...

i am IN LOVE with this book. i love that they words came right out of your actual journal, i love the pages that are letters, i love the little 'treasure map' so perfect!
awesome book.
so precious.

Jamie said...

i love it!
it's so magical!!

SteveFranklin said...

Words can't express how much I love this book. I'm seriously lucky to have this girl in my life.

killerxkim said...

i love this so much. love is soooo beautiful. and it sounds like you've got it!
yeah, your handwriting actually looks like an amazing font sometimes. love it.

long distance! please give me some tips? i'm super scared about my next year and attempting this.

also. did i mention that i love your travel journal? it rocks!