Thursday, August 20, 2009

who wants to help send me to amsterdam?

a while back i mentioned that a few of my paintings are going to be featured in an art gallery in my friend's tattoo shop in amsterdam. i am so incredibly flattered that he asked me to contribute. his shop is called The Dark Arts and the opening is october 31st. his exact words were "i think your paintings will really brighten up the gallery." so needless to say, i'm excited. also, he used to be neighbors with some members of death cab for cutie (awesome, right?!) and they've agreed to play at the shop's opening. how cool is that?!

well... i've decided that it would be very silly for me to not be there for the opening. however, round trip airfare to amsterdam is quite expensive, and being the recent college grad that i am, i'm broke. so i'm selling most of the paintings that have been hanging up in my bedroom for the past two years (at reduced prices, too!) so this will hopefully bring in some extra cash so that i can afford my plane ticket AND free up some wall space that i'll have to fill up with new art.

so please please please, visit my etsy and help me get to amsterdam! i would be forever grateful :]

i'm off to the bay area to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. hope you all have lovely weekends and thank you so much for all your support, it means the world to me :]


Jamie said...

You MUST go, girl!!! I definitely want to help!!! Hopefully this coming week, I'll be able to buy a Mallory Original because I would looove to!!! You can do it!!!

sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, mallory!!!! :)

i'll have to go check out your etsy! :) that would be pretty awesome to check out your work and see death cab!

have a great weekend.