Thursday, July 2, 2009


so this last weekend was the pride parade in san francisco. it was sooo beautiful. everywhere you turned there were vibrant colors and gorgeous people. the atmosphere was so open and welcoming, the city is unlike any other place for that exact reason. i love it. here's a little documentation of our day:
monica and i arrived around 11am just in time to see the start of the parade.
there were rainbow flags everywhere that made us smile.
there were the most beautiful floats i have ever seen.
colors colors everywhere!
after the parade we went to the civic center and hung out on the grass with all of these lovely people.
i love my friends, they are so so silly :]
we got these awesome rainbow wrist bands too!
we ended the day with dancing to wonderful techno music. it was such a great day in the city, i will never ever forget it.

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Anonymous said...

i went to! :) we had such a fabulous time. my pics are on my blog too!

i also got a frickn awesome wrist band!!! heck yea for free stuff! :)

anyway, great pics... i can't wait til next year's pride!