Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lazy cats.

apparently mine is not the only one.
a lazy cougar
a lazy cheetah
a lazy lion
a lazy tiger
my lazy kitty comes from a long line of lazy ancestors. our trip to six flags discovery kingdom last sunday was so much fun, but we couldn't help but notice all the sleepy kitties around. not that we were expecting them to do back flips or anything :]

there's a new challenge over at scrap outside the box.
this time it's shaina's pick, and she decided on coffee filters. you know you want to scrapbook your favorite caffeinated beverage and submit it to sotb this month :]

i was inspired by jamie's blog the other day to make a sort of fun to-do list. i really like how she chose a color and then photographed everything she could find that was that color. her pictures are so great :] so i didn't make a page or anything, but i thought that listing them out would be just as good. here's my to-do this week:
*finish reading pygmy
*take a photo of a sunset on the beach
*dress fancy for dinner friday night
*paint my toenails
*wear tiny braids in my hair

i also created my very first travel journal. taking kim's class was sooo helpful, i now feel prepared to take my craft on the road! next weekend i will be road-tripping to L.A. to see the premier of my friend's new movie! he's been working on it for two years and it's finally ready for the big screen. we are all so excited :] if you're into psychadelic thrillers, check it out :] here's the journal i'll be taking with me to document this amazing weekend.
oh, i did some new 52Qs! finally, right?
and now i'm off to the farmer's market (far-mar for short), have a lovely wednesday :]


Jamie said...

Woah! That last pic is gorgeous!!! Your pages are always sooo great and inspiring!! I'm so glad you're joining in on the fun!!! I bought myself flowers today! :D And took lots of pics that I'll post later!!! Thanks for the shoutout!!! xoxo

Jamie said...

love love your journal pages & lazy kitties:D

Kara said...

beautiful scrap page! that's a fun challenge. :)

and wasn't kim's class wonderful? i need to go on a dang trip so i can make one!