Thursday, March 19, 2009

yay i'm done with finals!

starting RIGHT NOW i have no more school obligations until march 30. what ever will i do with my time off?

*go thrift shopping
*paint paint paint
*etsy update :]
*hang out with my little brother
*read a million blogs a day and get lost wandering through flickr without feeling an ounce of guilt that i should be studying!

mainly, just some relaxation would be nice.

tonight i'm looking forward to the office!
and tomorrow i'm going home for the weekend to visit with my family. and of course i get to see this wonderful boy :]
this was my take on the new scrap outside the box challenge - rubber bands!
yay for spring!


SteveFranklin said...

I can't wait to see you.

I love you so much.

ally serrato said...

i love your layout for scrap outside the box!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow girl! That's so much fun that finals are done!! hooray! i'm ready for my semester to end. ;]

killerxkim said...

hey mallory!
i love stopping in to check your blog. i hope your weekend has gone well!

Kara said...

way cute layout!

yay for finals being done! mine won't be for two months. gah, finals are terrible things.