Friday, March 13, 2009

oh, the one with the good handwriting.

the other day my roommate came home and told me about this conversation she had with her boss, dior. dior has a lab on campus for plant research, and as a side job she corrects homework from my plant biology class. when chelsea found this out she said:

chelsea - "oh, my roommate mallory is taking that class!"
dior - "which one is she?"
(weird right? this usually isn't a problem, but oddly enough there is another mallory in my class)
chelsea - "mallory phillipy."
dior - "ohhh, the one with the good handwriting."


btw, dior is also a very talented artist.
check out her prints on etsy, they're very plant-inspired :]

and my printer is on the fritz, making it near impossible to accomplish all the crafty projects i had in mind for procrastinating. ok fine, i'll study for finals.

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Anonymous said...

baha. how funny is that! People are priceless! ;]

<3 B