Thursday, January 15, 2009

my fingers are stained black

the first half of the drawing class is done with charcoal. i had to start painting my finger nails so they wouldn't look so dirty all the time. i haven't drawn anything since high school really, and those are pretty laughable. not because i think they're awful, but when i was 14 i thought the coolest things to draw were sarah michelle gellar and josh hartnett.

here are my first three projects.
our first assignment, 12 tones.
my first self portrait. we have to turn one in every monday.
yesterday's in class assignment.

i'm trying to get the hang of it. develop a technique, manage my time and try to work more and think less. it's been such a fun experience, and i still have eight more weeks to enjoy.

andandand i'm so excited because i just bought this!
i've decided to start collecting old cameras. i just feel like i need something cool to collect. we'll see how it goes.


molarbear said...

I enjoy your self portrait

wip27 said...

I really liked the first picture and the last one! you're really good!