Tuesday, January 20, 2009

little mermaid red.

this is the color i've been trying so hard to achieve, and i finally did it! how long it will last, who knows. but i'm having fun with it while i can :]
today i got the biggest smile on my face (as per usual) from reading leigh-ann's blog. a few days ago she asked her readers to write her "about me," and she picked mine to put in her profile! i am honored and flattered. leigh-ann has such a bright spirit, i am so thrilled to be quoted on her blog :]
speaking of the wonderful leigh-ann, i ordered a super-rad custom book bag from her (she's having a sale btw) and while i'm waiting i was inspired to revamp an old tote bag. i painted over the 'saves the day' logo (no offense guys, you're still my favorites) and added a little embroidered bicycle.
and i did it again! this is my submission for the latest work your soul challenge. i love this blog, its very inspirational and it's getting me motivated to scrap again.
alright, time to exchange some i-love-you's with the boy and then tuesday's guilty pleasure: nip/tuck.
and here's a cute little picture of us on our 6 month anniversary :]

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SteveFranklin said...

i used to have the fattest crush on ariel the little mermaid when i was little. then later i met you and then i had a crush on you and then you dyed your hair like hers and now... everything has come full circle.

i love you. you're the prettiest girl ever. way prettier than ariel.
and at least four times prettier than kim possible.