Tuesday, November 18, 2008

in the deepest ocean

the bottom of the sea
your eyes
they turn me.

midterms are finally over! three more weeks until finals, then... FREEDOM. i need new classes pronto. this quarter has been a rough one. i'm looking ahead to brighter days.

i've been working on a set of three new paintings, i'm obsessed with this octopus right now!
as always, its Radiohead inspired. i've added lyrics to these since this picture was taken and they say "this ones optimistic" "this one went to market" "this one just came out of the swamp"

and this totally made my day. thank you so much beth for all your kind words :]


Large Marge said...

Hi again, glad I made your day. Your artwork is really wonderful, and I wish you great success!

There is a particular blogger that I love, who showcases Etsy artists now and again. Her name is Heather Armstrong, and she has the blog called "DOOCE." You may want to keep an eye out for the artists she highlights, and/or introduce yourself to her. I think she would really like your work as well. ;-)


Renee said...

umm SO cute. you and your octopus. or octopi as the case may be. i heart you and can't wait to catch up.