Wednesday, November 12, 2008


for so many things! mainly elsie's online class. i'm already starting my christmas gifts :]

i wanted to thank Leigh-Ann so so much for ordering this print from my etsy.
she's so sweet and super talented! i was definitely flattered by her request. it's crazy to think about how many people from all over the world look at this blog, let alone inquire about my art. thanks again for giving this one a good home :]

i started yet another journal, this time i'm going a different route. i have so many journals with so much written in them, it feels a little overwhelming sometimes, but i am very grateful to have them. while i still plan on journaling regularly in my usual, i have this cute little one to doodle in and write all my small, random thoughts that i really don't care to elaborate on :] this one is just for fun.
for more pictures, look here :]

and everyday when i come home i am greeted by this little girl:
i don't know what to do about her, we're all gone during the daytime and so she sleeps, and then at 4am she's wide awake! i wish i could trade spots with her sometimes.

here are some fun pictures i found from halloween.
my friend melissa decided to join us and be "old spice."

i changed my hair again! it makes me feel my youth.
we are so silly.

speaking of which, this is becoming one of my favorites. i love it when moments like these get captured :]

that is all for now :]

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nan said...

you are cute and sweet and creative and fun as usual. I love you hair, you are going to have to do a hair through the years book in about ten or 15 years so your kids can see all the pretty do's you have and will have in the next ten or fifteen years. love you mally girl, always.