Thursday, December 4, 2008

its beginning to look a lot like christmas

so i stumbled upon miss hollysarah's blog and decided that maybe this year i might do a little wish list via my blog also. i always avoid the "what do you want for christmas" conversation, because i really don't like asking for things. but if you really really want to get me something for christmas, this would be a good place to look :]

i've been eyeing this for weeks. i want to start collecting vintage knick knacks to decorate my future home with.
also, i just got a cutesy new phone yesterday and really want to get a larger memory card for it. this way i can save all the sweet text messages the boy sends me :]

i found this today and immediately fell in love.
i really want a new jacket. something pea coat-like.

and of course you can't really go wrong with craft supplies. i always welcome more canvas, brushes and paints :]

and i'll keep wishing and hoping for one of these someday...
but of course, the only thing i really really want is to spend my christmas with my family and friends, i miss you all so so much and can't wait to come home for the holidays. i'm especially excited to be seeing this face more often :]
hope you have some wonderful and memorable holidays :]

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nan said...

i hope to see you during your holiday visit home. we must plan a field trip or crop to celebrate
friendship, all things artsy and girlie, it has been too long since the scrapping ho bags were all together in one place.
by the way, all i want for christmas is my mally pants painting to hang on the wall in my house when i move back to martinez in january!!!!! hint, hint.