Monday, June 23, 2008

i was kidnapped real young

by the sweet taste of love
built a fondness for things that
just weren't good enough.
Rainbows in the Dark by Tilly and the Wall

i've decided to challenge myself this week. everyday for seven days i'm going to paint something different. i've got the time, now i want to utilize it. today i made a huge dent in what is probably my most favorite painting i've ever done. it's inspired by all my favorite musical artist's album art. i'm not finished yet, but i'm so proud of it so far.
the sun is from a Ted Leo + The Pharmacists album, the trees inspired by The Shins, the hills are my interpretation of the Hail to the Thief album by Radiohead, the bunnies from a Sufjan Stevens album.
i especially love the clouds raining paint colors, inspired by an album by Boys Like Girls.
the little birdie inspired by Saves The Day's album In Reverie.
and i love love love my New Found Glory houses. this has been such a fun project for me, i can't wait to finish it.

here's a painting i did during finals week, it needed to be done. and you'll never guess who's lyrics inspired this one.
it's a 6x12 inch canvas, thought i'd try a random size for once.

alright well i must be off, i just got back to davis and the girls and i have a lot to catch up on. stay tuned, i'm posting all week long!


nan said...

ok, but the truth is you were kidnapped by GOBLINS!! i am so happy you are posting and painting.
i love it. i love your art. you are so dam cute miss mally pants.

Anonymous said...

will you marry me?