Wednesday, June 25, 2008

for a minute there

i lost myself.
i lost myself.
for a minute there,
i lost myself.
i lost myself.
Karma Police by Radiohead
i didn't have time to post last night (this may be a recurring theme) but here's what i decided to do for day two of painting painting painting.
in other news, what an exciting day. i had a little orientation thingy at my NEW JOB and it was so much fun. i got a tour of the office, i met most of the people i'll be working with and the girl that has my job now who's graduating, and i'm going back later mingle at an ice cream social. i even get my own cubicle, which i'm way stoked to start decorating. i have a feeling this is going to be a really fun job. yay for new beginnings! and later the girls and i are hitting up the farmers market. then, more painting!
life is good.

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nan said...

i love this painting so very much.
i really love, love, love that saying. did you find that somewhere or did you make it up yourself, or did a little bird actually come sit on your shoulder and whisper that in your ear? can i steal that saying and use it on my own project? i just love it so much.