Monday, May 12, 2008


was that you? looked just like you.
strange things my imagination might do.
take a breath, reflect on what we've been through
or am i just going crazy because i miss you?

the new atmosphere album, When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold, is nothing short of amazing. last thursday john took me to go see atmosphere in san francisco and bought me the new CD which has not stopped playing since that night. they were the artist of the week on mtv which makes me happy, check it out!

this weekend was whole earth festival, and it was like nothing i'd ever experienced. all the hippies came out to celebrate this wonderful planet we live on, and it was a non-stop party. during the day we roamed the quad and looked at all the pretty art for sale, listened to awesome music and ate some delicious food, and when night fell the dance parties continued until about 2am at the co-ops. it was such a crazy time, and i got super inspired to start creating more art, and curious about maybe having my own booth next year... haha.


nan said...

i love the hippy look on you! you are too cute for words. wish i could see your sweet face in person. yes, have your own booth next year.
xo, nan

Sharon F. said...

I agree with Nanci, you will have your own booth.

So glad you are enjoying your first year of college. How far you have come. Enjoy every darn minute.
What a blast...