Tuesday, December 4, 2007

where does the time go?

hello december! what a crazy ride this quarter has been. i'd like to take a moment and reflect on the past few months here in Davis. i have definitely overcome some stressful challenges. i'm finally getting back on track in the financing department. i've resolved old credit issues from when my wallet was stolen in May (yes, i procrastinate). i've met some amazing new people and have grown so close to my roommates, closer than i ever thought in the short time we've lived together. i made it through my first quarter (well almost, finals are next week, yikes!) and i'm feeling good about my grades. i survived my first couple months away from home and i've never felt this good about life before. i feel like it's been such an eye-opener, and that i still have a lot to learn in this journey.

now on to the future! i've got even more amazing things to look forward to. classes next quarter are going to be insane, definitely a step up from the ones i took this quarter. i'm preparing myself for a long quarter of hibernation with my books. on top of a tough curriculum, i also scored an awesome internship! every friday morning i'll spend four hours working in a dental office in west sacramento and i am so excited. i worked in a dental office for a few months in high school but had to quit because out of my three jobs at the time, it was the most impractical one for my schedule. this is going to be an amazing opportunity and i'm going to take as much from it as i possibly can.

and of course i still take a few moments to get out my creativeness that builds up each week. music is inspiring me in a big way these days, and i haven't started my big collage piece yet but i did start a smaller project last night. it's a new painting inspired by a death cab for cutie song that makes me think of a certain someone. hopefully i'll finish it sometime this week.

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