Monday, October 1, 2007


what a crazy fun weekend. i swear, every time i come back to Walnut Creek for some scrapbook therapy i get a surge of creativity like never before. i cannot even express in words how wonderful this weekend was. Renee the most awesomest girl ever is in town! i don't think i've ever talked so much in my life, we had lots to catch up on and i cherished every second i spent with her and kicking myself because we didn't even get a picture together! seeing my friends, coworkers, loved ones, even if it was for a second it was just what i needed to gain some creative ambition. it was such a screamin' good time, i completely lost my voice. it may be due to lack of sleep in recent days, but this weekend was nothing short of amazing. anyway, my eyes are straining to stay open, i had to post a few pictures of my newest notebook for school. dream land here i come :)


sav said...

oh mal mal thank u times a gazillion! ps this new notebook rules! i love it! of course it is for biology lol!!!! u completely rock and i love you and miss was really hard saying goodbye to you...although we didn't linger much...i kinda pushed it out of my mind. like it wasn't real and i'll see you tomorrow at work. boo hoo! kick ass girl.

PurpleGirl said...

hugs girly you SAVED my bootie!!! this weekend you rock big time and you new comp book kicks #(*$(@