Thursday, October 11, 2007

always coming back home to you

i can't believe it's already thursday. i feel like it was just yesterday that i was bathing in musical magic at the Atmosphere show. every weekend is a new, fun adventure for me. i went home again, it seems i can't stay away for too long. these were special circumstances though. my little brother just turned sixteen. where does the time go? he's such a little man now, and i can't even really say little because he's taller than me. he has grown up into such a wonderful person, i am so proud of him in every way imaginable.

friday night i went to the Gilman to see an amazing band Modern Life is War play. i have a love/hate relationship with hardcore shows. i love the music, i love how passionate it can be, and i love how it can give me goosebumps. i hate being small, and a girl, in a room full of big guys that go crazy and make it so that i have to stand in the back of the room so that i don't get elbowed in the face, stage-dived on, or slammed against the stage. i know i can't complain if i'm in the splash zone, but sometimes i just want to be completely absorbed in the music in that moment without having to guard my face from two-steppers.

saturday was better. we spent all day at the beach in santa cruz. riding roller coasters, eating ridiculously greasy food, and playing in the sand. i borrowed my step-dad's camera and my goodness i must have it. the pictures were amazing. check them out:
helloooo scrapbooking material! after the beach we went to see my *favorite* hip/hop artist Atmosphere. that show was so amazing, probably in my top five shows of all time. the music is inspiring on so many levels. it was perfect.

also, i saw Across The Universe, that new movie with all the Beatles music. that movie was so intense, i need to see it again. it was amazing the way they put the music into real life situations, and the visual effects were perfect. it really made me think about a lot of things. i highly recommend it.

alright, enough procrastination. time to go read about genetics!

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