Wednesday, October 17, 2007

life in davis

A lot of people have been asking me lately about how I'm liking my new life in Davis. To put it quite simply, life is amazing. The weeks are crazy and the weekends are crazier. It's such a different pace for me, but I'm loving every second of it. I've got my first round of midterms next week and I'm feeling good about them. The weeks go by so quickly, I'm already starting to think about which classes I want to take next quarter.

The main reason for my relaxed state of mind is mainly my wonderful roommates. I really did luck out, I got some of the coolest girls I've ever met all living in one apartment with me. Adee is such a sweetheart. She is on the Davis gymnastics team and always knows where the fun sports events are. She talks to her parents everyday studies all the time. She is very motivated and I totally admire that in her, she does so much, I would never be able to keep up. Monica is awesome, she is such a free spirit. She has a job on campus so she is always at school. She has great taste in music and she embraces life with such a charismatic attitude that puts light in her eyes. She is always smiling and always positive, which is extremely nice to be around. Chelsea is the wild child of the bunch. She is very energetic, always doing something. She has a crazy school schedule so she's always in and out throughout the day. She has a huge network of friends and hates staying home on the weekends, so by the time we're all exhausted from the school week she has plenty of options for fun times. She is goal oriented and a hard worker. Our paths cross many times during the day as we are all on different schedules, but at the end of the week days we all take a break from life and sit around the TV in our pajamas and watch Scrubs. These ladies have made it SO EASY for me to come blindly into a new town and fit right in like I've been here from the beginning. They are so welcoming and so comforting, it really makes this place feel like home. I especially love when Monica comes home and greets us with, "Hello family."

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Monica, Chelsea, Adee and I


Kimberly said...

O'my gosh mal mal, I am so proud of you. You put tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face, the joy you have given me by being your mother, I Love You So Much!!


sav said...

oh mal! thank you so much for sharing your amazing life! so fun to read! i must say, i wish you could tell me it all in person, in that stinky old hot tub at the keys condos with old men in speedos over a glass of wine! i wish we could duck under the caution tape and go in anyway. lol. i miss you and love you girl! rock on with your studious, beautiful, bad self! xoxo

WriterGirl said...

This is soo awesome girl!! I am so happy and proud of you!!! Yeah!!!

Missing you!!