Wednesday, March 2, 2011


the best part about coming home from a long day at work is tipsy. she so lovingly awaits my arrival, standing as close to the door as felinely possible in hopes that maybe, just maybe, today will be the day she escapes to the outside world. however, i have years of experience in dealing with her so-called savvy behavior, so i've come to expect this from her, and she never disappoints.

after she's inhaled her dinner, she refuses to let me out of her sight. i'm sure it's because she's waiting for me to accidentally leave a window open or something. if i sit down on the couch, she has to be sitting on or near me. if i'm cooking dinner, she's laying on the kitchen floor near my feet. if i'm reading in bed, she's trying to get between me and my book. in the mornings she eagerly waits for the moment i put my cereal bowl down so she can sneak in and lick the bowl clean. she does this thing while i'm putting on my makeup, she stands next to me and nudges my shoulder with her paw, as if to say "hey mom, why aren't you paying attention to me?"

she's kind of a brat sometimes, ruining my sweaters with her sharp claws, but she makes up for it with infinite amounts of cuteness.

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