Thursday, March 3, 2011

fade into you.

there are few things in life i love more than music. honestly, when my ipod dies [knock on wood] i will shed many tears and have a funeral for it. i fear the day when i won't have my 11,000+ songs at my fingertips where ever i am. music gets me through long car rides, washing dishes, the gym. it gets me through life.

one of my favorite new discoveries [yes, i acknowledge i'm behind the times] is itunes genius. don't get me wrong, creating a playlist brings me so much joy when there's a subject in mind. new music to share, impressions to make, it's like making a mix tape for someone you have a crush on. but it can also be absolutely daunting if all your looking for is a quick mix of awesome tunes. enter, itunes genius. it so lovingly groups all the music it thinks [yes, it thinks] you might like and puts it into an awesome playlist for you, saving you the hassle of, well, thought. this one is my current favorite, i listen to it when i'm reading or cleaning or cooking, it's heaven in my ears.
and now, this playlist will lull me to sleep :]


Kari said...

music lovers unite. xo rat

monica claire said...

i want to be in the den, painting late in the evening, with this exact soundtrack playing