Friday, April 4, 2008

jigsaw falling into place

there is nothing to explain.
regard each other as you pass,
she looks back, you look back,
not just once,
not just twice.

oh wow, it's been a while. i've been super busy these past weeks, with finals over i had all the time in the world to sort my head, get inspired, and actually have time to create! my head has been swarming with ideas and i finally got the chance to get them out on canvas.

obviously i'm still in a radiohead phase, which inspired this little number:
i'm so happy with this one! and i also finished a painting for my friend Keita, which is going to be hard to let go, but i know it's going to a nice home :]
and i also have BIG NEWS!
i recently opened up my very own etsy shop! i only have a few items up right now but i have big hopes on sprucing it up in the next few weeks. check it out! if you've seen some of my artwork on here that isn't in my etsy shop and are interested in buying prints, let me know!

alright i'm off for now, the creativity bug bit me hard and i must paint some more!

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Just Tab said...

OMG Mally Mal! Your picture is sooooo pretty! I love it!!! Gonna keep an eye on that Etsy too! Love ya!