Monday, March 17, 2008

let me make believe.

i suck at studying. biting my nails on the other hand, well, i'm a pro.

i have my physics final tomorrow and i just can't bring myself to study yet. procrastination is my middle name; mallory p. phillipy. i'll get there. i really want to fast forward through this week, but who really likes taking finals anyway? saturday afternoon i have my last final [apparently weekends are no longer sacred in college] and as soon as i'm done i'm getting in that cute little car of mine and flooring it all the way to santa cruz. the beach house will be a long awaited escape, who knows what's going to happen but i'm leaving my expectations open.

it's been two long months, i wonder just how much things have changed. a lot can happen in two months; you can fall in love and get your heart broken in that amount of time. maybe something, maybe nothing. i haven't forgotten my feelings, it's hard to forget something so well documented; so accessible. something that was once a big part of my life now reverts back to insignificance. but that's how it has to be, right?

what doesn't kill me make me strong
drives you far from me
i am down, please don't go
take me when you leave.

let me make believe.
-Jeremy Larson

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WriterGirl said...

hopefully your final went GREAT!!! have a great time on your trip!