Tuesday, February 12, 2008

if i stay in one place i lose my mind

i'm a pretty impossible lady to be with.

busy busy busy times! i can't believe how fast life moves. ferris buehler is right, if you don't stop once in a while you could miss it. the quarter system is keeping me on my toes. or attempting to at least. next quarter is going to be even more intense, check out this mouth full of classes i'm taking:
PHY7B: physics
BIS102: biomolecules
GEL107: paleobiology
MIC102: bacteriology

so many ologies! good thing i like science, right?

things are clouding my head that probably shouldn't be right now. i have a habit of letting that happen though. i'm already over-thinking. already day-dreaming. already wishing on digital clocks.

i've been inspired lately, i can't decide by what exactly, but something is making me create. i finished two paintings and have started on a 20x24 canvas. its definitely keeping me sane.


Zatch said...

I like the second painting a lot, especially the hair. What kind of paint do you use? I like pastels, but have never been able to get the hang of oil, acrylic, or watercolor. I think it's a brush-issue.

Daniela said...

omg! Mally Mal.. these are fantastic! I love them both! Are you ever going to sell them????

WriterGirl said...

hey there girl!! I want that "No fear in this heart" one!! Love it!

Miss you girl!!'


Madison Wisconsin Irwin said...

um, it's me here imagining a mally pants painting on my wall here at home which is in reality very bare 'cos my mally pants is a busy girl and everyone wants a mally pants painting. but i want one really, really bad so i will just keep imagining it and waiting ever so patiently for summer break or something to come that gives my mally pants more time to paint. i love my mally pants. oh yes i do.

nan said...

woops my post was posted under the dogs name, 'cos she blogs you know.
anyway it was me, nan, not the dog madison wisconsin irwin who was dreaming and still is dreaming of the beautiful mally pants painting.