Sunday, September 2, 2007

what an exciting time

I just got home from breakfast with one of my favorite customers ever, Janeace Liles, and she always has such great insight for me. It's extremely hard for me to accept that in one week I'll be leaving behind everything I've ever known to start a new journey in a new town, a new school, a new house and with new friends. I've always been so scared of change. I'm a pretty simple girl, doesn't take much to make me happy. I like my life, the familiarity and simplicity, I don't like to rock the boat. But now I've committed to the ultimate risk, leaving it all. This is a huge step for me, I haven't quite grasped what I'm giving up but I did get a glimpse of all that I am gaining. Janeace and I got to talking and she reminded me of how blessed I am, going into the field I've always dreamed about in a time of new discoveries, new technology and new advances. I was practically salivating when she told me about all the new gadgets in her dentist's office. And once again I was reminded that this is the path for me, this is the right thing to do and everything will be alright. My friends will still be there, my family will continue to support me and My Daughter's Wish will survive without me. In one week I will be off to follow my dreams, and even though I'm scared out of my mind, I know that everything will be ok.


sav said...

oh mal! SUCH an amazing time of change for you. i know you will face it with all of that incredible strength, fire, passion and endurance that you possess! i know you will excel in all that you do! i love you and can't wait to see my mal mal in a month!

Daniela said...

awww you are making me cry girlie! You are such an awesome young lady and I'll miss you so much, but you are off to a big adventure, ENJOY IT!

PurpleGirl said...

miss you so much already, daniela and i both almost cried pulling into the garage not seeing your car!
love your bravery girl keep it going. big hugs to the moon and back