Saturday, November 20, 2010

my new favorite thing

skype with monica.

i don't know why i avoided skype for so long. it was suggested to me by many friends that i join skype after i received a $300 phone bill for an hour long conversation with my bff in fiji. who knew long distance phone calls were $3.50 a minute? not me. so i joined skype, and had a two and a half hour conversation with monica, for free, and it was the first time i had seen her since she left for fiji last may. i encourage everyone to check out her blog, she is doing amazing things in the peace corps and i am so proud of her. she is one of the most beautiful people i've ever met. she inspires me everyday, and is constantly trying to get me to live with her and well, it's very tempting.

here are some layouts i've done recently, dedicated to miss monica.
[click images to view larger]
and now i'm off to listen to the rain and watch the pretty lightning :]

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Kari said...

lets pick a day to scrap