Friday, June 26, 2009


i do solemnly swear to finish this journal!

i got a slow start, but i've spent the last few nights going through my stash and finally starting rachel denbow's IDSS journal. i have all the written bits down, i just need to compose my pages. here are the first two. they still need some doodling, but for the most part they're finished.
i'm debating whether or not i want to use polaroids for the other pages. my wonderful man got me a new polaroid camera as a graduation present, and i loooove it, but the film is so expensive! but i might just have to suck it up because i love the look of them.

decisions, decisions.

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Suzanne said...

DO IT! you won't be sorry. i caved in recently and bought a few packs of polaroid film off ebay... it arrived in the mail yesterday - yes, it's ridiculously expensive but it makes me ridiculously happy :)

p.s. looks like your summer journal is off to a great start! i'm a little slow also - i just finished my 5th page yesterday.

oh, and i love your handwriting!