Friday, February 27, 2009

where did february go?

it feels like this month happened so fast! i've been a horrible blogger, i promise to be better in march. until then, just a few happy notes.

i started getting back into scrapbooking a few weeks ago, but had to put it on hold recently because of school. well i just finished midterms and i'm scrapping this sunday. it's kari's birthday, and i'm taking a trip down to berkeley for some much needed scrap time with the girls. i'm really excited, i just hope i can be productive (we tend to do more chatting than scrapping). i'll definitely have more pretties to share next week.

as if scrapbooking itself wasn't exciting enough, i've just gone and joined a design team! my very first one, it's a new challenge blog called Scrap Outside The Box. every month we create layouts using common household items, it's a really great challenge! check it out, i've got a sweet bio up right now and my first challenge will be posted march 15th. exciting!


Bekah said...

I can't wait to see your pretties from your scrappin' weekend!

<3 B

Kari said...


i am sooooooooooooooooooo excited

ally serrato said...

seriously, time flies ~ right?? wanting to say *hi*. my laptop is sick :-( so my internet time has been limited,,, looking forward to doing these challenges with you girlys!!!

Taylorr said...

Ohh congrats on making the team!
good luck!

redoaklines said...

weeeee! can't wait to start scrapping with sotb as well!! i'm so excited to be working with all of you!