Monday, September 15, 2008

where does the time go?

how busy busy busy life has been lately.
its been a while, so lets catch up.

i've taken a little break from painting, mainly because i ran out of clean canvas, so i started a new scrapbook for daniel.
i plan on updating my etsy in the next week or two. i just added some fun hair pins that i've been complimented on so much [thank daniel for the idea] and i'm adding some new paintings soon!
the newest edition to our apartment is little miss tipsy. i moved her here this weekend and she's settling in very well. hopefully waking me up at 4am is just a cute phase she's going through. i'm so happy to have her around, i've missed her terribly since i've moved to davis.

school is starting soon. it seemed like just yesterday when summer was starting, and now it's coming to an end. professors are already e-mailing me with new assignments. this will be by far my hardest quarter, but i guess every new quarter starts out that way. i'll look back and think "wow, i had it so easy then." i'm excited for new classes and new friends and new routines. it's kind of like new years, except in september. i'm starting over in so many new ways.


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry! LOVE the scrapbook for Daniel - really beautiful. So happy you have someone in your life. Glad to see you're scrapbooking again...have a great new quarter at school....Cathy

nan said...

love you muches. i am so glad you have your kitty back with you. i am thrilled to see you so happy. you are amazing.

WriterGirl said...

You are too cute, girlie!! Who's the new boy? Hmmm...inquiring minds want to know!!

Love ya!!!!


Renee said...

ummm mal mal mal! you are beautiful and amazing and really really cute. ;)
i love your art...SO good! it was nice seeing you last week!! i miss you tons and hope we can do it again soon! xoxo ps daniel is wonderful...i'm so happy for you!