Monday, July 28, 2008

please don't wake me

no don't shake me
leave me where i am

I'm Only Sleeping by The Beatles

what a weekend. i've been so inspired lately. things have been so so wonderful since this one's been keeping me company.
we spent the entire weekend together. we worked on leaving eastland, my favorites are the robots.
and then sunday we went and saw The Dark Knight.
today i came home and started working on new paintings for sale in my etsy shop! here's a peek at some new items i'll be posting.


WriterGirl said...

Hmmm...and what's his name? Hmmm????? love ya!

cvargen said...

I've been wondering why you haven't posted much lately and today I got my two are adorable together!! Hope to hear more, Cathy

nan said...


SteveFranklin said...

i love you.