Monday, November 5, 2007

no way november ...whutt?

lately i've been obsessed with the ellen degeneres show! haha. i can't believe it's already november. what's even more shocking is that i just signed up for next quarter's classes! everything moves so fast here. i've only lived here for two months but it seems so much longer than that. i'm almost approaching my next round of midterms, yikes! i have been keeping a healthy balance of work and play though, i've lots going on in the painting department of my room these days. i can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by, i'm really looking forward to thanksgiving. because then before i know it it'll be winter break. i'm so excited for my classes next quarter, i'm taking intro to ecology, systemic physiology and physics. it'll be a nice change of scenery i think. lets just hope i don't get too distracted at my friend chris' house playing guitar hero 3!

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junel said...

just a random comment since i happen to chance upon ur blog.
i love the ellen degeneres' show too.

no way november whutt??!

am kinda looking for this sound bite to put it as my text beeper?

keep it going.
another random girl from asia.