Monday, May 28, 2007

she's really leaving.

I didn't really hit me until the graduation party. Renee is leaving us, moving to Arizona to be with the love of her life. I have to admit, the girl's got courage. It takes a lot to leave everything you love behind, but her biggest love is helping her pack and moving her down there. I know she is going to be so happy, and maybe thats what makes me cry, they're tears of joy. I am so excited for her, i'm fairly certain that only 20% of my tears are selfish thoughts wanting to keep her here all to myself. I'm not going to lie, i'm going to miss that ney-ner-bop from here all the way to the stars and back. She has been such a huge part of my life this past year, and she has taught me so much in that short time, life lessons that I will never forget. It'll be weird not seeing her huge smile around work, or hearing her voice or her laugh. But she isn't dying, I will still get to e-mail her and call her and trade pictures and visit her and everything will be alright. I am so fortunate to have met someone so incredibly beautiful inside and out, she has such a pure, radiant light about her that is irreplacable. I love that girl, and I know she is going to be so amazingly happy with Johnny.

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Daniela said...

so well put mally mal.. we are all missing her so much already!
great tribute.. lovs ya